The Last Menagerie in Bust Mag’s December Gift Guide!

The Last Menagerie is honored to be included in the Dec/Jan Ultimate Survival Holiday Guide issue of Bust Magazine!
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Also, The Last Menagerie is proud to announce that 10% of sales will go to Wildlife Conservation Network!!! http://wildnet.org/


Nothing says FOREVER like…

Since opening The Last Menagerie shop this summer, I’ve sold several plates as wedding gifts and one set for a baby shower.  My kind of people.

The plates remain rare and conceptual art objects that are more than appropriate to mark an array of occasions.

And nothing says FOREVER like extinction.

The Last Menagerie Wood2

The Last Menagerie Pigeon Wood


Slides! From AMNH

Last night I attended a Slide Slam (more like a slide excavation) organized by the Library Special Collections at the American Museum of Natural History with talks by the inspiring and thoughtful Mark Dion and Alexis Rockman. Both artists lamented the fact that the majority of the habitats where they had done research expeditions are rapidly disappearing.

The event concluded with a slide giveaway as the museum is downsizing their slide holdings in place of their digital archive. Here are a few beauties from my set. Ah, can’t wait for the magic lantern slide archive to get downsized!

To view the Library’s Digital Special Collections site, visit: www.images.library.amnh.org/digital.

  photo 3photo 4